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The Curious Case of Indian Graffiti....

The thing with Indian graffiti is that in most cases only the guy who writes it can make out what it is and have a good laugh about it.. cos either his handwriting would be a graphologist's nightmare or it would give the creators of spell check a massive heart attack..

over the years ive seen things written on,in,below,between,along,above.. using up every possible centimeter available of various canvasses from restrooms,to trees.. to UNESCO world heritage sites! and the all time favorite Indian graffiti muse.. "the public transport". But the thing that struck me most was the passion with which they do it, so much effort.. chiseling on sandstone or concrete is not easy...

Although you would have seen a thousand examples of this dying art.. some of them just stay with you, either for their stupidity or uniqueness.. below are some of them that most of you might have seen.. but lets revisit to see if they were Write or wrong!

Fast fact: Most of the graffiti is based on one's profusion of love for another.. and the names that have appeared the most are fatima,saleem,raju and priya (no offense to them .. but next time u see something, i think u might agree :))

Artifact 1: If you are from Mumbai, then you must ve read the most prevalent graffiti all over mumbai from Virar to Cuffparade.. "Beanbag 26407367" sprayed on walls in red/black paint. I am not sure if it is the best way to market for a bean bag.. i dont even know if there is a beanbag business at all. I should try calling that no. some time.

Artifact 2: The "Heart" of/on public transport, with cupid's arrow all bent,beaten going through it. The heart obviously will have 2 names on either side of it.. but it is amazing... how consistently people produce the heart with the same crooked arrow with their names. I think it must give them some kind of a high to know that so many people read it.. oh i almost forgot to mention that MOST people DON'T notice it and its only people who haven't written a blog for a long time that notice them...

Artifact 3: "Abuse" - mostly found in restrooms or what we used to call "Bad words written in the school bathroom" :) you get to read it every time you visit that place and end up reading it and sometimes marvel at the genius or give him back the same abuse.. im still trying to recollect what was written in my school bathroom.. dammit cant recollect

Artifact 4: Benches,Desks. Well this one gets refined as you move from school to college to PG.. you learn to shrink it and use associative aides like a mobile phone or paper & pulp.. its just paper actually. A Geometric compass used to be handy in school and the best part of wooden desks is that after few months.. (just in time for the next set of exams) the bench somehow becomes clear to bear the next round of formulae/theorems/statistics.... long live strict invigilation!

Artifact 5: World heritage sites.Wouldn't Shahjahan's masterpiece look even better with another 12,856 love stories inscribed on its walls! The monuments once in a while undergo face lifting or restoration.. may be they want to hide all the graffiti on it!! I seriously don't understand when ppl sneak in and write their love stories on them.. and that too while dodging all the pan stains on the walls!

Leave these ones that stick out prominently and you have many other masterpieces that can be discussed.. but have got an IPL match to catchup with.. Deccan chargers have actually started
winning. I thot i was dreaming.. but if i were dreaming id actually be looking at a graffiti less Gateway of India.. lets just hope this dream does come true!

ഗ്രഫ്ഫിടി மீட ओका ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಕೂಡ .. .! (for a local flavor)

PS: About the Deccan Chargers thing.. turns out i was dreaming...! :(


Tanushree said…
:) I am sure all the salims and the rajus are on a lookout for new canvasses now...maybe the Himalayas or the Moon..or wait a minute..are they already artifact 6 and 7 ??

Anyways..very well put! Keep up the humour !! :)
Unknown said…
i thot anup tried inscribing two new names over bus No. 25 but cudnt find space because of saleem,raju,priya,etc and hence it ultimately became a curious case of our witty guy "Onuff"
Unknown said…
:) :)
Agasti Kale said…
Nice comments dude.. here's one on ur school restroom wall.. A cross with note...."If you can reach this high - join fire brigade.."

Anonymous said…
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Graham said…
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Unknown said…
By the way, Bean Bags is actually a thriving business, developed on no-frills marketing strategy. The brain behind it was interviewed by, hold your breath,...Mumbai Mirror!!!!
The newspaper forgot to mention that at a later stage the person was put in for distorting public property! :P
Wilson said…
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